About us

My Kind of Midwife is a mobile private practice, providing all care in the home.

My Kind of Midwife prides itself on tailoring care to meet the needs of each individual woman and family to achieve a positive birth experience.

We use an evidence based approach to providing care and will accompany women as they navigate pregnancy, birth and parenting options on their unique journey.

My Kind of Midwife offers women a holistic and woman centred alternative to maternity care.

We are forever growing and refreshing our knowledge and skills to support women to achieve a healthy pregnancy, empowering birth and nurtured post partum.

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Meet your midwife

Renee began her career as a nurse but decided to pursue midwifery after the birth of her first daughter left her feeling like a failure.

During her time as a student midwife Renee learnt that continuity of carer and woman centred care are fundamental for a positive outcome.

Renee worked in the hospital setting first, enjoying working with many women and families. However the limitations that hospital policies and culture place on women, birth and the midwives role frustrated her and motivated her to pursue private practice.

In 2017 Renee began attending home births as ‘second midwife’. Attending these births has filled Renee with trust in physiological birth and its many variations of normal. Being present at these empowering births also inspired Renee to birth her second baby at home with private midwives.

Now Renee has decided to step away from the hospital system to follow her passion to support women choosing to birth a different way.

Why us?

Continuity of care

We are your primary point of contact and provider of care throughout your pregnance, labour, birth & post birth.

We come to you

We come to your home, attending check ups, education and care in your own familiar space with the people you love present.

Endorsed midwife

As an endorsed midwife we can order relevant ultrasounds, tests and medicines

“Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers – strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength.”

Barbara Katz Rothman